Music 2010

I need the answer for this questions

1/ Johannes Brahms continued the classical traditions of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven into the last half of the Nineteenth Century.Virtually everything he wrote was ?

2/ Brahms’ early career was greatly influenced through his relationship with ?

3/ Brahms was perhaps the greatest chamber music composer of the Romantic Period. An example is his?

4/ The most important quality of the music of Chaikovsky is?

5/ Chaikovsky is best known today for his?

6/The artistic expression of the folk heritage of a given country is called?

7/ Modest Mussorgsky was part of a group of five Russians dedicated to establishing a specific national style of music.They called themselves ?the?

8/ The most important East European composer of the 19th Century was?

9/ Finland’s greatest composer, who was nationalistic in his use of folklore rather than folk music, was?

10/ Americas first great piano virtuoso was?

11/ Joaquin Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez is for what solo instrument and orchestra?

12/ Though written in French, the opera Carmen is set in?

13/ Virtually all of Verdi’s output is?

14/ Verdi’s early work met with mixed success, but his operas of 1851-53 established him as a master. These included?

15/ Verdi’s last two operas, based on Shakespeare, were?

16/ Richard Wagner found a patron in King Ludwig of Bavaria, whohelped to build a theater specifically designed for Wagner’s operas in?

17/ The Wagnerian opera orchestra is?

18/ Wagner demanded more powerful singers for his operas, including a new type of tenor whose voice was especially strong and heroic, called a?

19/ Wagner called his mature operas?

20/ Wagner unified his works with a network of musical ideas, each representing a person, object, action or concept, which he called?

21/ What do the following works have in common:The Rhine Gold, The Valkyrie, Siegfried, The Twilight of the Gods?

22/Only one of Wagner’s mature works was not based on mythology, but set in historical medieval Germany,?

23/ Gustav Mahler’s compositional output consists almost entirely of?

24/ Mahler’s symphonies?

25/ Which of the following is not a characteristic of impressionism?

26/ Musical impressionism is related to the ideas of the?

27/ The two composers most closely related to impressionism are?

28/ This composition by Claude Debussy is based on a poem by Mallarme.?

29/ Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloe is?

30/ The dates of the Revolutionary Age are:?

31/The serious music of the Revolutionary Age is not so much a continuation of the music of the Nineteenth Century as it is a?

32/ The most significant musical development of the Revolutionary Age was the?

33/ Which of the following is not an important aspect of the music of the Revolutionary Age?

34/ The use of two or more tonal centers simultaneously is called?

35/ Music which uses traditional materials in untraditional ways is called?

36/ Music in which there is no recognizable center of tonality is called?

37/ Music of the Revolutionary Age that is based on the musical forms, aesthetic ideals, or thematic material of pre-Romantic music is called?

38/ Harmonies based on the interval of a fourth, instead of the more traditional third, are called?

39/ One of the most important cultural forces in Europe during the first decades of the Revolutionary Age was the Ballet Russe in Paris, which brought together the finest artistic minds of the day in music, dance and the visual arts, under the direction of?

40/ What do the following works have in common: The Firebird, Petrushka, The Rite of Spring?

41/ Which of the following is not true of The Rite of Spring?

42/ After his initial successes, Stravinsky entered a more austere, neoclassical period, typified by his ballet?

43/ Béla Bartók was a pioneer in a new field, the serious study of the folk music of a particular culture.This is called?

44/ Bartok’s music is characterized by?

45/ Bartok, like Stravinsky and Schoenberg, spent the latter part of his career in?

46/ Although Arnold Schoenberg began his career composing in the late Romantic style of Wagner and Mahler, he is best known for developing a systematic rejection of tonality, called?

47/ In Pierrot lunaire, Op. 21, Schoenberg used a form of vocal production midway between speaking and singing, called?

48/ Serial, or twelve-tone, compositions are based on a series of all twelve notes of the chromatic scale, with none repeated, called?

49/ This (see preceding question) can be arranged in what three other ways?

50/ Alban Berg is best known for?

51/ Anton Webern is best known for?

52/ What do the following composers have in common:Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, and Milton Babbitt?

53/ Serious exploration into electronic music began during the?

54/ Music based on chance elements is known as?

55/ Music based on extreme repetition of simple musical material is called?

56/ The most famous composer of aleatoric music is the American?

57/ The most famous minimalist composer is the American?

58/ The Threnody: for the Victims of Hiroshima was written for a?

59/ Charles Ives’ music reflects his connection with the Transcendentalist philosophers of his native?

60/ Though he studied music at Yale, Charles Ives’ most important influence was his father, ?

61/ Which of the following is not true of Charles Ives?

62/ The most complete and effective synthesis of American jazz and classical traditions was achieved by?

63/ During the 1920’s, Aaron Copland studied in Paris with a teacher who would become a mentor for many American composers.The teacher’s name was?

64 / One of Copland’s most popular works is Appalachian Spring, which is ?

65/ Leonard Bernstein was one of the most versatile musicians of the Twentieth Century.His compositions include all types of works, including musicals for the Broadway stage, such as?

66/ Leonard Bernstein has contributed to music as a?

67/ In 1970, to celebrate the opening of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., Bernstein composed?

68/ Late Romanticism/Post-Romanticism: match the composition with the composer.

Impressionism and the Revolutionary Age: match composer with composition.

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