mkt 625 week 1

Utilizing the REQUIRED text:

Schiffman, L. G., & Kanuk, L. L. (2010). Consumer behavior (10th
ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


Answer BOTH 1 & 2:

1. Marketing Concept

Define consumer behavior and discuss the underlying premise of consumer behavior, the
marketing concept. Why is consumer behavior rooted in the marketing
concept?  How does customer value and customer satisfaction play into the
marketing concept? Open the link below and review the customer service
facts.  Why is it important for a business to focus on customer value and
satisfaction?  Do you fall into any of these categories and if so, which
ones?  Explain why.


Customer service facts 


2. The Consumer Research Process 

     Use the Consumer research interactive learning object to deepen
     your understanding of the order of steps in the research process. 

     There are six steps in the consumer research process. Pick a product or
     service you have an interest in and question about. Describe the product
     or service, your question(s) and the research process to lay the
     foundation.  Walk through each of the six steps as it relates to your
     product or service, providing your analysis of each and what you would do
     specifically at each step and why. Which step was the most informative and
     why? Which step was the least informative and why?  Did the process
     help address your question (s)? Integrate and apply the concepts from the
     learning in your response.


  • Why was the Snuggy so successful and is
          there still a market for it?
  • Do consumers prefer McDonalds or Burger


  • Should we expand globally?

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