marketed in an emerging market, writing homework help

I have two memo need to do. Each one for one page will be fine. Don’t need too much research

Write 2 memos. (one page for each one) 1. Brands – Create a value proposition and a customer profile for the brand (see the example of the customer profile in the team presentation assignment). Develop a demographical and psychographic profile of the targeted consumer. (Select one brand from Pantaloons. ) 2. Select and research an apparel product that could be marketed in an emerging market. Describe if you would standardize the product or change the features to fit the local market. Would you include any expanded benefits of the product (extra credit to the students who select a recent apparel product that caused a large public reaction and that could absolutely be marketed based on expanded benefits…)?

There are two memos, one page for each essay. (1.2 space)

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