Living Leadership Journal Assignment General Background: The BAS program is an applied program.  (Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management)  In…

Living Leadership Journal Assignment

General Background:

The BAS program is an applied program.  (Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management)  In order to demonstrate that each student has applied the principles and concepts discussed throughout this course, I am asking each of you to take an active step to applying and “living” leadership.  There are various ways to do this as will be described below.  

Each student is going to complete a leadership activity.  You will do “something” that demonstrates leadership.  This “something” can take a variety of different forms, depths, and degrees. (Also will be referred to as the leadership “action”)  You, the student, will choose what you do to complete the assignment.  For example:  coaching soccer team, volunteering at a non-profit event, organizing a pot luck lunch at work to build morale, etc.  This will be construed broadly as not everyone can dedicate the same amount of time to complete it, however, the reflection and discussion requirements are the same regardless of what leadership activity you choose. Then, you are going to write a journal-type entry that discusses your experience and reflects utilizing course concepts.

Write about your experience:

Describe what “action” you took (what leadership activity you engaged in)

Describe what the context was (the other people involved, the organization, etc.)

Explain some of your initial thoughts, concerns, suspicions, fears, apprehensions, comments, about completing the leadership “action”

What happened in the activity?  

How did it feel?  What are your “take-aways” or lessons learned from the activity?  

How will you use or apply the action in the future?

Other general comments/miscellaneous that you would like to tell me about your experience.

You can include any pictures, videos, testimonials etc. if you would like to enhance your submission.  (These do NOT count toward page requirement)


2-5 page journal entry 

Single Spaced

Must discuss at least 3 terms or concepts from the textbook or course by applying the terms or concepts to your experience in some manner.  (ex: How are the term/concepts present?  Or, how are the terms/concepts relevant?  How do they apply here?) Must cite the textbook page number for the term/concept in the body of the text of your journal.  Your 3 terms or concepts must stand out in some manner to alert the reader to acknowledge you are fulfilling this requirement.  You can do this by underlining or bolding the term to stand out from rest of the text.

No extra spacing to “get length”

Standard font size and standard font styles (Calibri/times new roman), standard margin size

Page numbers

Any general “heading” information (name, date, title, class, etc.) should be written on a cover sheet, if included in your document.  If this ends up being page 1 of your document, it will not count toward page length requirement.  (Meaning, then, you will have to at least write three pages to make the minimum two if you use a cover sheet for heading information).  General heading type information is not required.

Edit and review for grammar, sentence structure and composition, writing level, professionalism, and other general writing requirements.

In this assignment, it is okay to refer to self in the document.  (Generally, in academic settings, it is not proper to refer to self in writing unless specifically asked to do so by the assignment.)

Other grading considerations as set forth in the general written grading rubric in the syllabus

Please submit in Dropbox by the due date included in your weekly assignment schedule located on your syllabus.

You can complete this assignment at any time during the semester before the due date.

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