1. (5 points)      Was this inventory difficult to complete?  Why or why not?

2.  (5 points)     Are you surprised by the results of the inventory? If so, in what way?


3.  (5 points)  What does the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) describe?

4.  (5 points)  Who develops or prepares the MSDS?

5.  (5 points)  Does the MSDS provide any health effects or first aid information?

6.  (5 points)  Who is the primary audience for the MSDS?

7.  (5 points)  Are MSDS relevant to consumers?

Click the “Back” link on your browser to go back to the first product’s ranking and answer the following questions.

8. (5 points)  What is the health rating for your product?  (Note:  Your product may not have a health rating.  If it does not, choose another product that does.  The health rating can be found under “Health Effects.”

9. (5 points)  What does that rating mean?

10. (5 points)  What is the flammability rating for your product?

11. (5 points)  What does that rating mean?

12. (5 points)  What is the reactivity rating for your product?

13. (5 points)  What does that rating mean?

Now scroll up the site until you come to the section marked acute health effects and chronic health effects. Answer the following questions.

14. (5 points)  What does the website say about any acute health effects from the product?

15. (5 points)  What does the website say about any chronic health effects from the product?

16. (5 points)  What is the difference between an acute and chronic health effect?

17. (5 points)  Based on your research/analysis, how hazardous is the product?

Go back to the NIH website and research your other two products. If a product you selected is not listed, pick another product from your original list of eight. At the conclusion of this step in the exercise, you should have looked up and found results for 3 products.

18. (5 points)  Rank order your 3 products based on your assessment of how hazardous they are and list below from most to least hazardous.

19. (5 points) Explain you answer. Why did you choose the ranking that you did?

20. (5 points)  How comprehensive do you feel the information provided by the website is regarding the hazardous nature of household products?

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