Lab Report Microbio

Please follow that steps and answer all of the following that listed below regarding the bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens strain M. Rhodes.

1. Write Phenetic approach and biochemical characteristics of classification – Pseudomonas fluorescens strain M. Rhodes.

Should include:

-Gram stain and morphology

-Optimal growth temperature

-Optimal oxygen requirement

2.All the biochemical analysis that should include:

Biochemial testing: what is the expected result :

-Glucose/dextrose Fermentation

-Lactose Fermentation

-MR-VP (Methyl Red Test)

-MR-VP (Voges-Proskauer Test)

-Catalase Production

-Nitrate Production

-Strach Hydrolysis

-Tryptophan Hydrolysis

-Urea Hydrolysis

-Hydrogen Sulfide Production

-Citrate Utilization

-Litmus Milk Reaction

-Oxidase Test

-Gram Stain

-Oxygen Requirement

3.Use Bergey’sManual

4.Phylogenetic Approach

5.Name the Microorganism

6.Phenetic Analysis


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