Kate Chopin, “The story of an hour”, “The storm”, The awakening”, feminism research paper help

After read Kate Chopin, “The story of an hour”, “The storm”, The awakening”. Write a research paper about  feminism. 

This week, you will complete your final research paper.

This paper will be based on the research resources you compiled for your bibliography in week 7.

Your paper should have a clear claim about the literature you have read this term.

Also, see this site for some ideas on how to outline your paper:


This site also has helpful advice about organizing your work:


Your final draft should be approximately 5-7 pages.  You must use the topic you selected for your annotated bibliography, but you may substitute and/or expand your sources based on the feedback you received on that assignment.

You must use MLA format and include a works cited page.

Please attach your final draft as a Word compatible file and also submit to Turn It In below.


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