Kaleidoscope Project: BOE Reassessment, engineering homework help

I  attached the assignment. It is basically the same thing. We just need to explain why we are sticking with the same model / mode / if we change. I wrote something in there that we should change, but we can stick if you want to. Read it . and redo the calculations with the evolutionary model. You will need to go over these tasks if we need change something just change it.

Task a: Determine if the mode and model that you determined in the original BOE are the best choices for this KTS project. Choose another mode and model if there is a better one that reflects builds and platforms. Be sure to document why you chose this mode and model. 

• Task b: Update the assumptions for each COCOMO parameter for each build and platform. Be sure to update the justification for each parameter if necessary. 

• Task c: Re-do the calculations for each build and platform. • Task d: Graph and discuss the staffing profile as determined by your staff months, time for development and labor grades of personnel used per your COCOMO assumptions. 

• Task e: Compare and discuss the results with original BOE. Does this make sense?

This is the professor’s  feedback from the last milestone: 

Remember your calculation of 4.38 years if there is just one person coding and doing everything else too!  The 20 LOC/day includes not just coding but all the other aspects that go into making a product final.

You talked about evolutionary builds in your SDP so why not use that here to get a better estimate.  In fact you would get the best estimate if you broke it down not only by build and platform.  Remember with evolutionary you can overlap your builds thus saving on the Time for Development.

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