Journal Reflection, writing assignment help

I have a personal Journal Reflection that is attached. This is not a personal diary Journal getting handed in but one written only for this course. We have had 5 journals Due in the entire course. This Journal is to be handed in as a 4th year English Major assignment. 

I need someone to polish this Journal/personal reflection to the point my professor would be impressed by it.  The Journal is of a low quality right now but I need it to be stronger and comprehensively edited. Please do a proofreading/editing and changing the content/add on to/remove information to improve the content and quality. 

Here is the Theme/prompt of this Journal entry :

For this last Writing Journal entry, reflect on how beginning and keeping a writing journal of your own, for your private use, might provide you with a means of continuing to work on your writing for academic or career purposes.

Reflect on how having some freedom to write what you want and how you want, can help you strengthen your more formal writing tasks. You might also consider how having a space/place to write about your thoughts, feelings and experiences can help you work through and understand yourself. Recall, for example, the idea that we don’t know what we think until we write of it

Please polish the Journal attached : Do a comprehensive proofreading/editing.

Please Change the content as necessary to make it stronger, answer the prompt more precisely and improve the writing structure: add/remove sentences to make it more insightful, flowing and evocative.

The length of the Journal must be no more that 500-600 words. 

There is no need for essay format structure (such as intro, body paragraphs in essay format or conclusion). 

I look into receiving an A+ on this reflection.

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