ISM4041 University of South Florida Professional Ethics Statement Paper

This assignment is worth 100 points and counts for 10% of your final grade. Assignment graded for both content and grammar. Minimum word count: 500 Words

2) Write your Professional Ethics Statement which should be completed after reflection on which values of the Four Ethical Lenses. Reflect on the dilemmas you may be faced with in your professional life and assess what are the most important values to you in your professional life. Create a professional ethics statement to guide your professional life.

Example statement shells:

[Choose two to four values] serve as the foundation for my work life …. To follow these values I [specific behaviors that show how you live by these values] to live out my core ethical principles.

I choose to live my work life applying [choose two to four values] and I express these values by [specific behaviors that show how you live by these values] to build a strong ethical character.

I value [choose two to four values] because [reasons why these values are important to you]. Accordingly, I will [what you can do to live by these values] to build strong, fair relationships within my work environment.

I live each day with [choose two to four values] so that [what living by these values will give you]. I will do this by [specific behaviors you will use to live by these values] to achieve my ethical goals.


• Reflect on which values are the most important to you in your work life.

• Keep the statement simple and clear. Whether you are writing a short statement or a longer reflection, make sure you use words that you understand and have meaning for you.

• Keep your statement positive. Focus on your strengths and your ethical aspirations.

• Your professional statement should touch upon who you are (your character) and the values that have a significant positive impact on your work life.

• Include behaviors and character traits that you consider particularly important or ones you want to develop further.

2) Be creative and come up with your own words so that your statement reflects who you are.

3) Defend your statement. AFTER YOU WRITE YOUR PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL STATEMENT: Look back at the information about your primary/preferred lens: a. Write a short statement of how well the professional ethics statement reflects the core values and areas of growth for that lens. b. Include a discussion how you might best deal with your blind spot.

4) Compare and contrast your ethical lens perspective with at least one other lens and how you might respect those differences.

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