Is economics a science? Why, or why not?


Discussion Topic:

Is economics a science? Why, or why not? As part of your response and explanation, include the definitions of “science” and “economics” as you understand them.

Submission Requirements:

  • The discussion grade will be based on how thorough and detailed your posts are.
  • Your initial post must be published first, should be substantial, and answer the question(s) in detail.
  • You must post at least TWO replies to other students’ posts.
  • Your replies must be a minimum of 5 sentences long and, again, must be meaningful and detailed.
  • Proofread the content of your posts before making them public. Proper grammar and sentence structure are expected.

please follow rubric:

Original post is characterized by clarity of argument, depth of insight into course content, application of course content, relevancy, and unusual insights. The post meets the required 7-sentence length.  Arguments and facts are supported by resources/references.

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