Ionic Compounds in Action, chemistry homework help

Writing Assignment: Ionic Compounds in Action

A national chemistry council has selected you to create marketing materials for its new “Chemistry All Around Us” campaign. Your task is to increase public awareness of ionic compounds—what they are and how they are used in everyday life. The chemistry council has asked you to create either:

1. a written report that will be read to the public at a community science festival,

2. a tri-fold brochure that will be passed to people as they wander through the festival.

Your report or brochure must highlight four ionic compounds. For each:

  • provide the formula, scientific name, and common name (if applicable)
  • identify the fundamental particles by name and formula
  • describe how and where the compound is used
  • identify at least two properties of the compound that make it well-suited for its use
  • explain how the properties you list are related to the bonding within the compound

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

pearls milk of magnesia fertilizer fluoride toothpaste
baking soda antacids ceramics artist pigments

Search for other compounds, too. Good places to start your investigation include ingredients lists on food labels or Internet searches for “chemical names of common substances.”

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