Introduction and brief history of the chosen airline

The Airline Research Paper is an individual student effort but with roots in the group collaboration. Students will choose an airline (passenger or cargo) associated with their group’s region and individually write a critical analysis of the airline’s operation. The paper will cover the listed topics (as a minimum) in a paper of 8 to 12 pages (not including title and reference pages) in current APA format. Note: A paper of this length does not require an abstract or table of contents.

Topics will include:

  1. Introduction and brief history of the chosen airline
  2. Fleet analysis including issues associated with fleet composition
  3. Route structure analysis (hub and spoke, point to point, or linear)
    For example, does the route structure fit the regional needs?
  4. Cost control analysis
    For example, how effective is the airline at controlling their costs, and what techniques (like fuel hedging) do they use?
  5. Profitability
    Historic, recent, and your future profit projections
  6. Recommendations for improvement

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