Internal Revenue Service PROJECT: Business Systems Modernization; Launched in 1

Internal Revenue Service

PROJECT: Business Systems Modernization; Launched in 1999 to upgrade the agency’s IT infrastructure and more than 100 business applications.

WHAT HAPPENED? By assembling a star-studded team of vendors, the IRS thought its $8 billion modernization project would manage itself. The IRS thought wrong. As a result, the agency’s ability to collect revenue, conduct audits, and go after tax evaders was severely compromised. This case study illustrates what can go wrong when a complex project overwhelms the management capabilities of both vendor and client. Some consider it to be the most expensive systems development “fiasco” in history, with delays costing the U.S. Treasury tens of billions of dollars per year.



Develop an outline for your research paper and include a list of at least 6 references. The

outline must contain a complete set of top-level headings. Each lowest level heading must be

accompanied by at least one full sentence describing the content of that section. Additional

detail is encouraged but not required. Your final research paper is not required to match exactly

the outline submitted for this milestone.

Example Outline:

I. Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the reasons for the Trilogy

project failure.

II. Project Overview: This section will provide a brief overview of the project,

focusing on the aspects of the project that will be used in discussion.

i. Scope of Project: This section discusses the scope of the project.

ii. Risks of Project: Provides the risks in the project.

Develop a set of references. The reference list must follow APA style formatting. At least 2 of

your references should be from academic sources.

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