important part of overall healthcare.

What are your thoughts??

spirituality  is a belief in something bigger than ourselves. It gives as meaning and purpose for life. I believe that this spiritual power helps us to overcome the worst in life.

Spiritual care in nursing is an important part of overall healthcare. My concept of spirituality should influence the way in which I recognize and care my patients. Spirituality and health must be considered, not as two separate and independent disciplines, but as interrelated and integrating realities. Taking care of the spiritual need and services is essential part of quality nursing practices. We may practice spiritual care in our daily life even when we do not realize it. Being listening and supporting respectfully are often the most important in attempting to provide such needs. Patients who are spiritual may utilize their beliefs in coping with illness, pain, and life stresses. Some studies indicate that those who are spiritual tend to have a more positive outlook and a better quality of life. Understanding spiritual history helps us to opens the door to conversation about values and beliefs, reveals positive and negative spiritual coping, and provides an opportunity for compassionate care (Puchalski 2001).

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