Identify the one contingency leadership model you prefer to use on the job and state why.

1. Identify the one contingency leadership model you prefer to use on the job and state why.

2. Describe the type of leader you want on the job.

Answer the questions related to the video case study below.  Add a paragraph about what your organization or any other organization could improve based on what you learned about McDonald’s leadership.

1. As a leader in the first years of McD’s, what kind of normative leadership style do you think Ray Kroc likely used?  Explain. 

2. What are the benefits of a corporate leadership strategy? 



Personally, I like to use the Path-goal leadership model. This requires the setting of smaller goals to get to the bigger overall goal. I think in doing this (setting goals) it helps everyone associated with the organization stay on task.

On the job I need a leader that will never require its people to do something that they themselves are not willing to do. This makes you as a leader look bad but also proves to some that you do not have the skills to do the small jobs. Many companies now hire people with degrees and forget about the skills. they are asking folk to manage people when they have no real idea about the job itself. I hate this. 

When it comes to McDonalds, let me fist say that Ray Kroc was not the first CEO of this company. He actually “stole” the company right from under the McDonald brothers. However, if you read and research the company and there is even a movie on this, I think Ray Kroc was someone who was an innovator. He saw that this franchise opportunity was more than just merely letting someone open a store and call it McDonald’s. The brothers had tried to do this before but one of the biggest problems they had was them trying to serve other foods that was not a part of the McDonald’s menu. However, when Mr. Kroc came along, he came up with the idea to franchise. McDonalds would invest in the building, the land, and everything. The person franchising would put up x amount of dollars to franchise it. They would own that store but had to follow certain rules. In so doing they would only be allowed to serve certain things. Along with that they had to pay fees each month. All franchises today do this same thing, they all pay a franchise fee. In doing this they helped others get into business for themselves but also was able to keep everything uniform across the board. This had never been done before. Now every single restaurant that offers a franchise opportunity follows this same model. Because of this I say Mr. Kroc was a visionary/innovator. 

If a corporation has a leadership strategy, they will be more uniformed. By this I mean that if a company has certain goals and traits, they look for in their leadership then they are more likely to achieve their longer-term goals. 

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