Identify Concept and Components of a Proposal

As  you develop your concept, you will examine how it involves one or more of these areas:
solves a problem, improves efficiency, curbs loss, makes improvements, and/or uses technology or a system?

Since the steps required for effective presentations often parallel the  steps for writing a document, we will be analyzing a proposal presentation to: 
•  Determine the purpose 
•  Analyze the audience 
  Understand how the facts that support the point of view were gathered 
  Determine how the information was logically organized

As we analyze this proposal presentation, consider how some or all of these elements were used during the proposal and whether they were logically organized to be persuasive.

Identify and discuss each of these areas (if applicable). State in what order of her overall presentation they were presented. 
Executive or project summary 
General description of products or services 
Detailed solution or rationale 
Cost analysis 
Delivery schedule or work plan 
Site preparation description 
Training requirements 
Statement of responsibilities 
Description of vendor 
Organizational sales pitch 
(full descriptions on BWC pages 158-159)

1.dentify one section from the TED Talk proposal or a section description on pages 158-159 (BWC), and tell me what value that section adds to your own proposal. Why would your proposal not be effective without it? (200 words) SUMMIT IT IN TWO DAYS


Minimum 500 words

After reading pages 150-163 The Business Writer’s Companion (BWC) and viewing the TED Talk video featuring Jennifer Granholm and her proposal idea, identify the main components and outline hierarchy that are present. Discuss each section and why they are appropriate for her to include when trying to persuade the audience.

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