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Skill-Building Strategies & Potential Benefits

Context Matters includes new tools and techniques for: setting context to support the organization’s mission and achieve goals, spotting trends that will impact the work environment and assessing their potential impact, and building skills for deep listening, providing feed-forward, storytelling, and influencing through personal example.

Curiosity will engage participants in a series of activities to open their mind, ignite their senses, and develop Mindful practices of questioning, observing, reflecting/pondering, seeking, engaging, listening, exploring, playing, and appreciating.

Influencing participants will master how to identify, analyze, and craft processes that influence performance so that others are more passionate about the work they do and are more accountable for delivering.

Plan Today for Tomorrow will enhance participant’s ability to achieve goals and help others do the same? They will learn simple strategies for measuring and communicating progress toward goals, building accountability into goal achievement, and engaging in regular discussions about progress.

Purpose, Passion and Productivity participants will learn techniques that result in an unwavering commitment to fairness, ethics, and integrity that enable them to act without giving in or cutting corners.

Making Sense of Complex Issues will enhance the ability to use critical inquiry skills to assess both fact and opinions in ways that will enable participants to develop sound solutions. During this program they will learn to foster a sense of cooperation and community by involving others in an honest and open search for the best choices.

Take Charge Consultants. (2010-2015).

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