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Learning is one of the most important method for the human being to interact with the world around. When they get to know something, they learn it. Learning is not only studying at school, reading books, going to the class, but also practicing something or getting more knowledge about other things. It is an instinct that all species need it to survive, whether they want it or not. It is the key to determining someone’s success. People practice their skills everyday to make them better. However, not everyone is successful, they fail to learn. As a result, they should know “learning to learn”. they know how to learn in the right way, the suitable way for individuals so that the learning power can be developed. People will learn things faster and easier than ever. The whole statement encourages people should try to learn the right way, or at least, try doing it so they can feel the changes that learning can bring. When we know a little more about a topic, a field, or a skill that we master, we feel very satisfied, confident, and enjoyable with what we are able to do well. People who are not successful in their life always fail to learn and they do not have patience to do it.

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