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Essay Assignment 3: Independent Research and Composition

Due: Friday, December 4th

Length: 1000 – 1250 words (please include a word count at the end of your assignment)

Format Requirements: All assignments should be double spaced and in 12 point font please! I expect that all assignments will be carefully and professionally prepared. The writing should be clean, correct, and should follow the rules of Standard English grammar. Excessive mistakes, grammatical errors, and misspellings are sufficient grounds for a significant reduction in the grade. Remember that it is important that you reach the length requirements!

Specific Requirements:

1.  Your essay should utilize the standard Five Paragraph, Thesis Driven, Argumentative, Academic essay format that we have been practicing all semester.

2.  Your essay should include at least two and no more than four properly formatted and integrated MLA format parenthetical citations taken from the articles you have read for this assignment (i.e. those found on you Annotated Bibliography assignment).

3.  Your essay should include a meaningful title.

4.  Your essay should include a Complete, MLA Format, Works Cited List at the end of the essay.

The Assignment:

This assignment is designed to demonstrate the skills and abilities that we have been working all semester to develop. Utilizing the source material that you have developed through your research, you are tasked with composing a standard thesis driven academic essay on your chosen topic. Essays will be graded based upon the same criteria utilized through the course of the semester – technical skill, content, and expression. 


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