I need a 3-4 page persuasive paper written

Assignment 3.pdf 

There are some criteria the instructor wants us to follow:

*For questions #1 & 2- 1 paragraph

*For questions # 4,5,6- from the assignment 2 essay elaborate more on these problems. Also the problems listed in parenthesis  does not have to necessary be those problems, those are just examples.

*For question # 10 input the source in the text of the paper, we can also use the same sources that was used from assignment 2

In order to complete this assignment you must use my assignment 2 essay also Assignment 2.docx .   I didn’t get a good grade on this assignment, so I’m hoping to get a A on assignment 3.

Here is the feedback from my instructor regarding assignment 2:

Grader Feedback11/2/14 11:01 PM

Thanks for this submission. You have selected a topic that is relevant and defensible. There are a few areas that need to be addressed: your audience is too broad (note: the way you would argue a point to a surgeon is different than how you would argue to manufacturers of protective helmets). The major sections of your paper also need to be revisited: one fix is that your first main point is unclear. Also, each main point should have two supporting details. Your third main point is also unclear; revise it using plain language. Another section of your proposal that needs to be revised is the research plan section. You are not collecting data because you are not conducting a study; your are gathering research to support the position of your argument (for example, articles/studies). The entire research plan section does not adhere to the guidelines (review notes from the class presentation regarding the expectations for the research plan which should include listing the databases you will use, and identifying which keywords you will use to identify sources). Lastly, sources on your reference page are incorrectly formatted(specifically, the “Savageau” source and the last source listed). Be mindful to also correct mechanical issues (Grammarly may be helpful to identify and correct these issues). Let me know if you have any questions.

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