HSB 4U Unit 2 Assignment: Opinion Essay Canadian society, writing homework help

HSB 4U: Gr. 12 Challenge & Change

Unit 2 Assignment: Opinion Essay

You will write an opinion essay in response to the following question:

Which of the four factors that affect Canadian society – the economy, politics, the media, and health & beauty – will most greatly affect the next 10 years of your life?

Although your thesis will be based on your own opinion, you must provide evidence for support.  Please use articles from reputable newspapers, reputable magazines, or scholarly journals as sources of evidence.  An example of a piece of evidence would be the newspaper article I mentioned in class describing the Oxford study on the increasing mechanization of the American workforce.  You may use direct quotations from the sources, or you may paraphrase; either way, please provide citations whenever you include material in your essay that is not your own idea.

***It is not enough to provide a parenthetical citation at the end of a paragraph full of information.  You must provide citation in every sentence that contains borrowed material (you must decide whether the citation belongs immediately after the borrowed idea, or at the end of the sentence).***

You may discuss up to two of the four factors in your essay.  You do not have to use two, but you can if you wish.

The completed essay must:

·  contain at least two pieces of supporting evidence per paragraph (quotations or paraphrases);

·  have as many sources as there are body paragraphs;

·  have at least as many source types as there are body paragraphs;

·  have at least SIX paragraphs in total;

·  be in APA format;

·  use the active voice whenever possible;

·  be as concise as you and your editor can make it;

·  be a formal piece of writing (no I, me, my, we, us, our, you, or your; also, no contractions);

·  avoid the use of idioms and other forms of figurative language; and

·  avoid ending sentences with prepositions.

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