How would you monitor the success of your efforts?

Consider the four approaches to individual change (behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic, and cognitve) and apply one of them to the situation you have chosen from the list.  Explain how you can use that approach to help the person change or improve.  As a manager, what steps would you take with the employee (or child)?   How would you monitor the success of your efforts?

1.    one of your employee’s has lost their husband in a tragic car accident a month ago.   The employee has been absent from work and when she is in work, she is not performing well.

2.    your employee comes to work about 5 – 10 minutes late every day.   Others are complaining.

3.    your child is doing very poorly in school and is not getting good grades because he is not submitting his homework.

4.    you have an excellent employee who is moving quickly through promotions knowing he is headed to the top.  Sometimes he is arrogant.

5.    your sales team is complaining about one member who is not pulling her weight.   She always lets the phone ring until someone else takes the call.

6.    the manufacturing plant you work for is moving to another state.  It is a wonderful opportunity for advancement for many and some are excited, but there is one employee with a bad attitude causing trouble and bad-mouthing management.

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