How will community diversity issues be addressed? 

Part One: (See Attached Document, this has already been completed, just needs to be pieced together in final report) In the role of a health care manager, for the final project you will develop and write a comprehensive marketing and communication plan for your fictitious health care organization. The final project will be divided into four parts:

1.  Health Care Organization Profile (Due Module 2)

2.  Communication Plan

3.  Marketing Plan

4.  Community Collaboration Plan 

Start here —For Part 2 of the final project, you are to develop communication strategies and write a communication plan for your health care organization.

Part 2, the Communication Plan should include the following components:

1. Types of internal and external communication networks

2. Stakeholder analysis

3. Media methods

4. Tag lines, logos, photos, etc.

5. Letterhead, newsletters, etc.

For Part 3 of the final project, you are to conduct a market analysis for your health care organization and develop a marketing plan. The market analysis should address the following:

1. External environmental analysis

2. Internal environmental analysis

3. Strategic choice and strategic goals

4. SWOT analysis

5. How will marketing initiatives involve cross-functional team members?

6. How and when will marketing strategies be evaluated?

For Part 4 of the final project, you are to develop a community outreach plan for your health care organization. The community outreach plan should answer the following questions:

1. What methods will be used to engage the attention of and involve community members in the accomplishment of your organization’s goals?

2. How will community diversity issues be addressed?

This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

Word Count:Approximately 1200 words for Part 2 and 3, then part 4:  600 words. 3000 words total in Approximate for part two as Part one is already completed with the attached work that’ll be added.



Final Project Part I: Health Care Organization Profile

Jennifer Coble


July 31, 2019

Name and type of Health Care Organization

Focus Health Care Centre is a community-based health care organization located in Tampa Bay, Florida, in the United States. As the name suggests, Focus Health Care Centre focuses on providing various health care services to improve the community health in Tampa Bay and Florida State as a whole. The organization was established in 2009. It is among the hospitals in Florida that have been at the forefront of promoting the health of individuals.

Mission, Vision, Goals

Focus Health Care Centre’s mission is to provide high-quality, accurate, and speedy health care services to clients through the integration of efficient technology and cooperation. Besides, the vision of this enterprise is to become the leading community-based health care provider in Florida State. Its goals include;

· To improve and protect the health of the community

· To provide relevant information to the community concerning their health

· To participate in the social and economic development of the community

· To promote preventive and primary care

Bed Number and Volume

The total number of beds at Focus Health Care Centre is 100, and they are spread in various wards within the facility. The small number of beds indicates the type of health care organization. Community-based hospitals usually have a small number of beds because most of them provide out-patient services that do not require patient admissions. The small area that these hospitals tend to serve also dictates the number of beds. Nevertheless, Focus Health Care Centre plans to increase its bed capacity as demand continues to grow. Besides, the hospital volume at Focus Health Care Centre is about three in every month. Nevertheless, patients with specific conditions get referrals to other advanced health care organizations because of the lack of specialty staff and experience at Focus Health Care Centre.

Type of Service Provided

Focus Health Care Centre provides a wide range of health care services including out-patient consultations, in-patient rehabilitation, specialties (dental services and child health), rehabilitation and therapy services, minor illness, minor injuries, maternity and sexual health services among others.

Quality Indicators

Quality is one of the critical aspects of health care because both the management and clients expect the organization to offer quality health care services (Lloyd, 2017). At Focus Health Care Centre, quality is the guiding principle in its provision of various services to the community. Some of the quality indicators at the hospital include;

· Waiting time- less than 30 minutes

· Number of repeat X-rays- not more than 10%

· Number of IPD admissions- not more than 10%

· Average length of stay

· Postponed surgeries

· Number of readmissions

Financial Performance Indicators

Although Focus Health Care Centre is a non-profit organization, financial management plays a vital role in the efficiency and effectiveness of service provision as well as the growth of the hospital. As such, having specific finance performance indicators enables the management to track its overall performance from the financial perspective. Some of the indicators that the organization uses include;

· Net profit margin

· Gross profit margin

· Working capital

· Current ratio

· Claims denial rate

· Average insurance claim processing

Human Resource Challenges

Despite being among the most recognizable health care organization for quality services, Focus Health Care Centre faces various HR challenges that hamper the provision of services. One of the primary HR issues affecting Focus Health Care Centre entails the nursing shortage. Similar to other health care organizations in the U.S., Focus Health Care Centre experiences a shortage of nurses which affects its operations adversely. The few available nurses are unable to meet the health needs of rising demand. According to numerous studies, the U.S. has a significant shortage of nurses, and the number is anticipated to grow in the next five years (Gottlieb, 2016). The reason for this issue has been related to the growing demand for health care and the aging of baby boomer nurses who are nearing retirement. Florida State is among the states that have been affected significantly by this crisis. As such, Focus Health Care Centre being in Tampa Bay, Florida makes it a victim of this staffing problem. It is a problem for the hospital to get adequate and qualified nurses.

The second human resource challenge that impacts the Focus Health Care Centre relates to managing diversity. The organization has employees from distinct backgrounds in its workforce which has posed some challenges in ensuring that the teamwork together without conflicts to achieve the set objectives (Cogin et al., 2016). For instance, getting employees from different cultural backgrounds to work together is a big concern. Thirdly, the hospital is also experiencing a problem of attracting top talents because of the lack of motivational working environments such as the availability of adequate training and development programs. Furthermore, Focus Health Care Centre also experience an HR challenge relating to adopting innovation. The hospital has limited financial capabilities which make it challenging to integrate the latest technologies such as big data analytics to improve quality of care (Cogin et al., 2016). Lastly, the organization has also a problem with maintaining the health and safety of employees. For instance; there are no programs to address the mental issues of workers which contribute to the high level of stress and other emotional disturbances that, in turn, affect their productivity.

Diversity Issues

Diversity in the workplace is vital because it creates a work environment that promotes teamwork, respect, and acceptance regardless of the differences in gender, age, race, sex, beliefs, and origin among others (Harvey & Allard, 2015). Today, the workplace is more diverse; however, problems have also risen from this situation that can impact an organization negatively. Focus Health Care Centre is a diverse organization, and one of the diversity issues in this hospital includes tension and miscommunication. Because employees are from different backgrounds (culture, and age), they tend to communicate differently such as those from the same backgrounds tend to take sides which, in turn, result in communication breakdowns and tension that lowers employees’ productivity.

The second issue relates to the inclusion of disabled workers. Focus Health Care Centre has about two disabled employees, and they tend to experience difficulties in how colleagues and managers perceive them. They also face accessibility challenges since the workplace has not accommodated all their needs. The last diversity issue in this hospital relates to resistance to change. A diverse workforce is likely to resist change because of different beliefs and perspectives (Harvey & Allard, 2015). This problem has been affecting Focus Health Care Centre on many occasions.

Community Population Statistics

Tampa Bay has a population of about 385, 000 people where the median age is 35 years. The male/female ratio is 0.9: 1, and about 43% of the population is married. About 74% speak English, and 19% are Spanish.


Cogin, J. A., Ng, J. L., & Lee, I. (2016). Controlling healthcare professionals: how human resource management influences job attitudes and operational efficiency. Human resources for health14(1), 55.

Gottlieb, L. N. (2016). Shortage of Nurses, Shortage of Nursing. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research Archive32(3).

Harvey, C. P., & Allard, M. (2015). Understanding and managing diversity: Readings, cases, and exercises. Pearson.

Lloyd, R. (2017). Quality health care: a guide to developing and using indicators. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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