How does this provide an example of a class topic? How does this article support or disprove information learned in class?

Students will review 5 news articles (dated this semester) related to international business – cannot use the news article presented in class. The following are good sources: Wall Street JournalFinancial TimesThe EconomistForbes, Bloomberg, Business WeekFortune, etc. International newspapers and/or Internet news sources may be used. E-News articles that are less than 3 pages in length may not appropriate for this assignment – they probably do not contain enough information for you to complete analyze the article Note: Local sources (i.e.  The Denver PostThe Boulder Daily Camera,) are NOT acceptable sources. (NOTE: A paragraph is more than 2-3 sentences. An excellent write-up will take approximately 1½ – 2 hours per article and will be about 2 pages double-spaced in length). Students should address the following 4 items for each article:

a. A copy of each article (identifying the source and date). 5%

b. A summary of each article in your own words (Minimum of 2 paragraphs). 35%

c.  Implications of each article (Minimum of 3 paragraphs). Some questions that you might consider in your discussion about implications include: How does this action affect businesses? How does this action affect consumers/customers? How might employees be affected? How does this affect the economy or public policy of the country? How might competition in the industry be affected? How might international trade be affected? What are the effects on the Balance of Payments? How might information in this article affect manager’s decisions about the company, etc.? What are the costs/benefits of this action? (Be specific & provide support for your conclusions). In other words, tell me what you have learned this semester! See the “Implications” section at the end of chapters to help you. 25%

d. Application of course concepts to the article topic (minimum 2 paragraphs). First identify the specific course concept the article relates to (you can identify the chapter, too). Then discuss the application. Some topics you might address are:

How does this provide an example of a class topic? How does this article support or disprove information learned in class? How does the information in the article add to class information on a topic? How does the article topic support or disagree with class/text information. Be specific. This is more than identifying class topics that were discussed. Relating article topics to globalization is inadequate. 25% At least 10 pages in total (at least 2 pages for each journal articles)

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