How does the family celebrate your human’s birthdays?

Write another 3-4 pages documenting your human’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development during early childhood. Be sure to refer to and cite a variety of theoretical perspectives that we are studying this week in our readings. How does your human’s development reflect what Piaget says about early childhood development? Which of Erikson’s crises has your human encountered so far, and how has he or she resolved them?

Summarize what went well and what difficulties your human experienced during this period? Consider how race/ethnicity, class, and gender may have influenced these experiences, and remember to carry the events of your human’s fetal development and birth through into what you write this week.

Some ideas might include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Where does your human live, and who else lives there? What kind of neighborhood is it, and what is the home environment like? 
  2. What were your human’s first words, and how old was he or she when they started speaking? How old were they when they started walking?
  3. Did he or she get regular pediatric checkups and vaccinations? Did the doctor or anyone in the family ever express concerns about your human’s development?
  4. What is your human’s favorite toy?  Story?  Game?
  5. How does the family celebrate your human’s birthdays?
  6. Describe a holiday celebration involving your human. Did he or she take part in any family traditions? 
  7. Does your human’s mother work outside of the home?  Does he or she go to preschool or have a babysitter? 
  8. What was your human’s health like?  Any serious illnesses?  Did he or she have any food preferences or dietary restrictions?
  9.  Describe your human’s personality and some of their typical behaviors.
  10. What style of parenting did your human’s parents use?  Did both parents use the same style or were they different?  Explain your answers, using examples. 
  11. This is another part:
  12. You have been hired as part of a new project to educate parents on the physical, mental, and social development of young children.  Your job this week is to develop a flyer on one of the following topics pertaining to development in preschool age children: physical development, mental/cognitive development, or social development.  The purpose of the flyer is to inform parents about early childhood development.  In your flyer, address major developmental milestones and provide suggested activities to encourage growth in the three areas.  Pretend this is a real flyer so make it informative, attractive, and interesting.
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  • Due: 26/01/2019
  • Budget: $20

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