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1. Your response must include:

  • which criteria you think constitutes the successful comprehension of Islam to a new convert and how this criteria ties into the core concepts of Islam and Muhammad’s involvement in facilitating it.
  • a comparison of how your criterion reflects a change from or similarity to the Pre-Islamic culture that would have helped to entice a new convert’s transition into Islamic culture.
  • how your criteria contributed to the successful spread of Islam
  • examples to support your reasoning.

Be sure to refer back to the learning activities where appropriate and provide citations for any additional resources you may use.

learning activities you can use for it The Arabs, much like the Ancient Greeks, were not a united people but came from various tribes who, despite sharing some cultural similarities, often competed against one another as much as they would trade and help each other. These tribes, particularly the nomadic Bedouin and the more sedentary Koraysh, practiced their own regional specific customs and worshipped differently deities.



2. You have been given a time machine, and you must go back in time and live for one year in one of these dynasties. Which dynasty would you choose and why?

You must use evidence from the learning activities to explain why you chose the dynasty you did, and also, why you did NOT choose the other two.

learning activity stuff In the last few modules, we have been discussing the evolution of empires and kingdoms in Europe, but it’s important to remember that there were political changes occurring throughout the globe at this time. Not only did empires develop in India, but China was also moving towards larger geographic unification. This was not an easy or straight forward process.

As you will see in this module, the Qin, while much maligned by contemporaries, were willing and able to do what it took to create a unified China. Under the guidance of Qin Shi Huangdi, the Qin created homogeneity (or, uniformity) in weights, measures, writing, laws and much more.

Due to their brutal methods, the Qin Dynasty would be short lived. However, without the unified base created by the Qin, the Han likely would never have maintained the long-running, relatively stable dynasty they were able to build immediately following the Qin Dynasty.

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