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The health risk that Mr. C has are high blood pressure, sleep apnea, hyperlipidemia and most likely type 2 diabetes as indicated by the high fasting blood glucose, hgbA1c would give us a much better indication if this patient has diabetes. Bariatric surgery is an option for people that are considered extremely obese(BMI 40 or higher) or people who are considered obese (BMI 35-39.9) and have a serious weight related health problem, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or severe sleep apnea. Sometimes you can still qualify if your BMI is 30-34 and you have a serious weight related health problem (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Mr. C has a BMI of 47.6 and has high blood pressure and sleep apnea, Mr. C may also have type 2 diabetes. He meets the guidelines to qualify for bariatric surgery. Mr. C meets the guidelines but would still need to meet certain medical guidelines to qualify for the surgery and it would have to be decided if the benefits of having the surgery would outweigh the risk of the surgery. Mr. C would also

have to be evaluated to see if he is psychologically ready to undergo the surgery and deal with all the changes after the surgery.

Mr. C. has been diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease and the following medications have been ordered: (a) Magnesium hydroxide/aluminum hydroxide (Mylanta) 15 mL PO 1 hour before bedtime and 3 hours after mealtime and at bedtime; (b) Ranitidine (Zantac) 300 mg PO at bedtime; and (c) Sucralfate / Carafate 1 g or 10ml suspension (500mg / 5mL) 1 hour before meals and at bedtime.

The patient reports eating meals at 7 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m., and a bedtime snack at 10 p.m. Plan an administration schedule that will be most therapeutic and acceptable to the patient.

6am Sucralfate/Carafate


10am- Mylanta

11am- Sucralfate/Carafate



5pm- Sucralfate/Carafate


9pm- Sucralfate/Carafate


10:30 Mylanta

Bedtime- Zantac, Sucralfate/Carafate

Using sucralfate together with aluminum hydroxide/ magnesium hydroxide can decrease the effects of sucralfate. Sucralfate and aluminum hydroxide/magnesium hydroxide doses should be separated by at least half an hour (Drugs.com, 2014).

Assess each of Mr. C.’s functional health patterns using the information given (Hint: Functional health patterns include health-perception – health management, nutritional – metabolic, elimination, activity-exercise, sleep-rest, cognitive-perceptual, self-perception – self-concept, role-relationship, sexuality – reproductive, coping – stress tolerance).

Health-perception/Health management- Patient sees that he is unhealthy as far as being overweight and feels that having bariatric surgery may be a solution to help him with his life-long weight issue. Patient is aware that he has high blood pressure and understands that he should be on a low sodium diet but that is all that he is doing to try to manage it. Patient also has sleep apnea but does not comment if he uses a CPAP machine or not.

Nutritional-metabolic-Patient is eating too many calories per day then needed as evidence of 100lb weight gain over the past 2-3 years. Pt eats food high in carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fat as evidence of his high fasting glucose, high triglycerides and high cholesterol. Patient is eating a snack at 10p.m. which is very late and can cause him to continue to gain weight.

Elimination- no information is given about this, it is important to know if patient suffers from diarrhea or constipation and if he has any problems controlling urine or bm. Some of these problems can be solved by dietary changes and others need the attention of a doctor.

Activity-exercise- Patient works at a job where he just sits. So the majority of his day is spent at work leading a sedentary lifestyle which only contributes to his weight. It would be important to obtain more information in this area to help the patient lose weight.

Sleep-rest- Patient does not get adequate sleep due to having sleep apnea.

Cognitive-perceptual- There is no information on this area, but the patient is clearly seeking knowledge about weight loss surgery and may have readiness to learn (Life Nurses, 2009).

Self-perception/self-concept- Patient is uncomfortable with the fact that he is overweight and trying to correct it. He is seeking out information on weight loss surgery.

Role-relationship- There is no information given about the patient’s relationship. It is important to know if the patient has good relationships and a support system. Especially if it is decided to go through weight loss surgery the patient will need a support system to help him through this life changing event.

Sexuality-reproductive- No information was given about this area. It is important to know if a person is happy in this area of their life. The patient may also feel uncomfortable in this area due to his weight.

Coping-stress tolerance- No information was given about this area. It is important to know how the patient deals with stress and copes with problems. If the patient is able to identify how he deals with stress these are things that he can go to when stress comes up in his life and it is also an opportunity to give the patient other coping mechanisms to try.

Value-Belief – No information was given about this area. It is important to know what the patient values and believes in. This at times is a deciding factor for the reasons he may do things or the goals he may want to obtain.

What actual or potential problems can you identify? Describe at least five problems and provide the rationale for each.

Sleep apnea


High blood pressure

Coronary artery disease

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