Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic A Students Experience in University Accommodation.

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic A Students Experience in University Accommodation. Through the paper, the researcher seeks to prove that there is much difficulty and adjustment when living in a university dormitory as they pursue their studies.

Quantitative research is an analysis of a problem identified, grounded on theory subject for a test, wherein numeric information is measured and employing statistical techniques for analysis. The objective of quantitative methods in research is to be able to identify whether the theory of predictive generalizations is true. In comparison, a study that is based on a process of qualitative research is an analysis which has the objective of grasping a holistic comprehension of a human or social problem produced by a multiplicity of perspectives. A research using qualitative research is conducted in a setting, naturally involving the process of forming a holistic and complex picture of the subject’s interests (Mason, 1996).

The decision on selecting which approach in research is adequate in conducting a particular study that should be grounded on the problem, skills, and training, availability of resources, trainings, and audience of the researchers (Mason, 1996). Even though there are researches that integrate both quantitative and qualitative approaches in their purest forms, there are underlying essential disparities in the assumptions and in the analysis employed.

The assumptions underlying the method of qualitative research include the reality of being objective, meaning reality is there to be objectively studied. The researcher is in distant and fundamentally independent with the subject of the research, the research is considered value-free, wherein values of the research do not interfere nor become part of the research (Crasswell, 1994). Basically, research using the quantitative method is based on forms of deductive logic, which allows the researcher to explain, predict and have an understanding of various assumptions.

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