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internal balance and external balance in the USA (500 words)

1. What specific policies would you recommend for the country to achieve internal and external balance?;

From my theoretical framework these are the specific policies I recommend for the economy

a. Fiscal policy – explain what kind

b. Monetary policy – explain what kind

c. Exchange rate policy – explain what kind – are you going to let the currency float or are you going to try to lower or increase its value and how?

d. Trade Policy – what kind of policy regarding tariffs, quotas etc – free trade or some kind of protectionism

e. Trade agreements – what is your position for the country in international trade agreements such as WTO, TPP and other regional agreements?

f. Poverty and inequality – what are you recommending regarding poverty and inequaity?

g. Environmental Policy – what do you recommend here?

d. Immigration Policy – what do you recommend here?

Concluding statement how all these policies will bring internal and external balance..

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