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  • The topic of the paper is : How to slow the growth of health care cost in the U.S.
  • The paper will be graded on your demonstrated grasp of the basic subject matter, critical thinking, and analysis, supported by existing research and logical thought. The paper should use APA or MLA format for citations, including materials from credible sources,The total length of the paper should be at least 8 pages, double spaced. Use APA or MLA Style for your paper format. For assistance with these, reference the Citation Style Guide developed by Stafford Library.

Research Paper Grading Criteria

Criteria  Description  Points

Content  The essay develops a central point, idea, or thesis that is clearly defined and supported by concrete substantial and relevant evidence.  10

Organization The essay is organized in paragraphs that are unified, coherent, and effective, with transitions between ideas.  The sentences are correctly constructed, logical and complete.  10

Diction  The essay uses appropriate word choices.  10

Mechanics  The essay uses standard grammar, punctuation and spelling.  10

References  Paper uses internal citations; Works Cited includes at least 7 sources; sources are reliable; citations are properly formatted in APA or MLA style. (Your textbook is an acceptable source.)  10

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