hat Customers Needs to Be Improved so as to Attract Travelers while Searching for Accommodation.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic chat Customers Needs to Be Improved so as to Attract Travelers while Searching for Accommodation.Each and every business venture in the world aims at making profits. These profits accrue from what customers spend or buy from such ventures. Thus, it is the obligation of the management of the venture to know exactly what to offer to the market in this world full of competition in order to gain an edge over the other competitors.

According to Jim, R (2003), some travelers look for the little things which some hoteliers think they are not necessary. To him, things like swimming pools, hot baths among others are maiden requirements by customers. According to research he did in 2002, the findings show that 96% of those who took part indicated that, they will not take accommodation in a place without a swimming pool even if all the other facilities were well functioning. In the research, they indicated that they were not willing to go to a place where they will just stay indoors and that is all. they would like to have some breeze as they swim.

Maryanne, R (2006) adds some voice to this by arguing that, travelers are people on transit and would like to spend each and every single minute of their time in enjoyment thus, some things which are often taken for granted count a lot to them and it should be the obligation of the management to carry out regular surveys which rely on the existing customers since to maintain customers is the first and foremost aspect in marketing.

She supports her assertions by arguing that, this is the same reason as to why in any hotel one visits, there is always a questionnaire dealing with the most touching aspects of the hotel and further requesting whether the respective customers would like an improvement on any of the services being offered by its staff. things ranging from foods, drinks, staff conduct as well as the beddings.&nbsp.

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