‘Global-Technologies’, is a system

‘Global-Technologies’, is a system

engineering company that develops

measurement systems for different industries

to support a wide range of applications.

You have been asked as an engineer in the

‘Global- Technologies’ company, to design

and develop a measurement system that is

able to demonstrate the operation of crane

‘Load Moment Indicator’ (LMI) system using

sensors model. The measurement system

includes the measurement of crane boom

length, boom angle, load, outrigger position,

and driver cabinet temperature.

Provide a detailed, professional report for

your director that contains the following:

1- A review of different LMI systems used

in cranes industry including their main


2- A design of a typical LMI system that incorporates the measurement of crane

parameters including boom length, boom angle, load, outriggers position, and

temperature. The system design should include DAQ/ microcontroller and any

other required elements for a typical LMI system.

3- A measurement software program (LabVIEW/ C++) that can be used to provide

the following parameters, log the measurement data, and give warning alarms

when limits of the following parameters are exceeded.

➢ Boom length

➢ Outriggers position

➢ Load

➢ Driver cabinet temperature

4- Experimental results and critical analysis that evaluate two sensors of the LMI

system using the NI DAQ/ Microcontroller and NI LabVIEW/ C++ software.

5- An evaluation of signal conditioning elements that are required to measure the

load using strain gauges.

6- Proposal for the next phases of development to include the following:

A. Using of a low-cost controller instead of the current one

B. Other methods of data transmissions; wireless or wired data transmission,

and use of the internet of things

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