GEOG 380 – Spring 2019 Assignment 1: Poster Presentation

GEOG 380 – Spring 2019 Assignment 1: Poster Presentation

Poster requirements:

Create a 36”x48” digital poster (i.e. a single slide) using PowerPoint based on the following: (1) identify an infectious disease and (2) create one or more visual maps or causal diagrams showing interrelationships among the elements listed below; you should also mention the disease’s incidence and prevalence rates. To do this, you may choose a specific time and place context for the disease (i.e. outbreak case/scenario) so that you can explore these factors more in depth.

You will write a formally written, succinct paragraph(~200-250words) for each component and arrange them in a logical way in relation to your visual map/causal diagram components. Do not forget to include a heading and citationsYou must include at least 5 of the components listed below:

Various actors



Government, corporate, or non-profit institutions

Cultural, economic, and social norms and practices

Elements of gender, sexuality, racial, or other forms of social difference

Social hierarchies

Relationships and centers of power

Public health campaigns and community engagement

Forms of representation and discourse

Medical resources (or lack thereof)

Goal of this poster: Your poster should demonstrate your understanding of the complexity and challenges of public health and your careful reading and cognition of the themes and concepts discussed in this course in both the readings and lectures.

Specific requirements and recommendations for the poster:

Include a title, name, date, quiz section code.

Headings for your informational paragraphs. Cite the information you list that is not your own.

Your poster should look like one you might present at a conference. Check out this link for information on creating a powerpoint poster (link is active on the digital Canvas upload):

Use at least three academic sources (ex. academic journal articles, or books) and one or more other sources (ex. newspaper, CDC or WHO fact sheet). No Wikipedia.

If you use information you learned in class, you must cite the lecture you got it from. This could count as one of your “other sources” but not as an academic source.

Use APA style citations.

Include a works cited list somewhere on your poster (suggested: somewhere near the bottom corner).

Submit your poster as a .pdf file to Canvas. The Canvas upload file size limit is 500mb — do this part early so you have time to do any adjustments to file size in time to submit!

Don’t use bright/intense colors (ex bright yellow, acid green) — they are distracting and difficult to read over.

Grading will mostly be based on: (1) level of understanding, thought, and detail in relation to your chosen disease; (2) good explanation of the relationships you are representing in your paper; (3) supporting evidence (this is where the citations come in); (4) creativity (that special something that makes a decent piece of work great) and; (5) fulfilling other general requirements of the assignment

NB: You will not be graded on artistic ability. As usual, by submitting your poster, you affirm that you have read, and have adhered to the UW standards for academic honesty.


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