From this sources Basic understanding of Angular and used of typescript on Single page application project.

· Bibliography

[1] Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact
By Feras Alhlou Shiraz Asif Eric Fettman First published:26 August 2016
Author explained in Basic understanding of Google analytics of used for Business people with Client product. What is more importance to do and live traffic analysis is done by business people. This is relevant to project more for Google Analytics and implementation of Google analytics on different web pages in project code. Author also analysis of basic requirements of Google Analytics and set variables to inject in html tags to get live traffic information. Google Analytics is gives online dashboard to maintain and analysis control to business people to understand from live data.

[2] Google Analytics Guide by Google Analytics Team

By Google Team ( Online Source )

Author asserts that continues use of Google Analytics tags will give live control of analysis control. In this resource Author researched about when and how to use of variable tags to hit every page from users will give live data on Google Analytics Dashboards.

[3] Web Analytics: An Hour a Day

by Avinash Kaushik, Jim Sterne , Published June 5, 2007

Authors researches from this sources about Google Analytics on very deep. From this resources Author gets more idea about complex and Single page application to get live control with use of Google Analytics. Author researches about complex variables with the use of JavaScript and html tags inject on Single Page Applications.

[4] ng book the complete book on angular 7 – Nate Murray

By Angular Team Published in San Francisco, California by Oct’ 28 2018

From this sources Basic understanding of Angular and used of typescript on Single page application project. Understanding of Project structure to maintain code usability with services, components, directives, research about to create and code maintain , communication of component to components using services, https request with the help of rxjs dependency.

[5] Angular Cheatsheet by Angular

Authors research from this online sources of angular team on basic understanding of ng cli command, to create , to generate components , Services, make http requests, understanding of class based components , datatypes and used of different datatypes in typescript.

[6] Angular Material by Angular

Author asserts about styling and it is Angular library about use of side navigation, header, dropdown and different style of button, grid system for single page applications. Author also researches with the use of Angular material how to maintain responsive ness of applications.

[7] Firebase Cloud by Google

Firebase is online cloud based platform , with the use of Author researches about use of single page application database to maintain live data on cloud, maintain user information who registered, which also provides authguard to SPA. It is node base Database where authors learned about configuration of firebase to applications and maintain database data.

[8] NoSql Distilled by Pramod and Martin, Published in Aug 2012

From this resources author learned about basic utilization of Database as firebase noSql and how to maintain different table, how to maintain structure on firebase with the help of cloud platform. Author maintain simple way of creating table

[9] Learning Web Design

Book by Jennifer Niederst Robbins, Published in 2012

Author researches about Web design , Responsive Applications, so user can access this single page application in any devices like Computer , iPad, mobile or any tablets. It also research about code structure to maintain proper flow of code to understand if there are big team and few are developers, some are blackened developers and QA people. Author understood if any one access repository and try to implement some new features code should be readable and structure should make it easy to jump into for any new developers.

[10] Angular 2 Development with TypeScript

Book by Anton Moiseev and Yakov Fain , Originaly Published in 2017

Authors researches from this book about how typescript is very important of Angular single page applications. Typescript is very need language to write code for Angular based application and typescript is ES6 , which is kind of single set of JavaScript. Authors research about injection, class creations, return function, call back, synchronous and asynchronous function, fundamentals of typescripts.

[11] Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Book by Brian Clifton , Published March 31, 2008

This resources if basic metrics use of Google analytics which author researches. Author still under research to maintain metrics formatted application on analytics dashboard. Metrics is another way to maintain dashboard on Google Analytics Platform which gives very deep information of any application.

[12] Google Android Firebase: Learning the Basics by Bill Stonehem, Published in June 2016

This books , author researches about basic understanding of Google understanding of Firebase with google different products like google analytics and Angular platform applications. How to created platforms, how to deploy real time applications. As firebase also provides analysis of data for success and failure users. How to maintain that firebase dashboard for Realtime application

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