From MDC’s main web page, go to “Academics” and select “Learning Resources”. 

ue Date: 10/12 by 11:59pm

Follow the following directions to access and watch the video “Taboo: Marks of Identity”. 

1. From MDC’s main web page, go to “Academics” and select “Learning Resources“.

2. Select “Databases”.

3. Your “Borrower ID” is your MDC Student ID#. Your password is the last four digits of your student ID.

4. Select “Alphabetical”.

5. Scroll down and select the database, “Films on Demand“.

6. Type in the database search bar “Taboo: Marks of Identity”.

Let’s face it. We are judged on looks. In general, people like to say otherwise. People tend to say that “It’s the inside that counts”. While there may be truth to that statement, it doesn’t take away from the fact that physical appearances matter to us all. If it didn’t, we would never go to the gym or wear certain outfits. Watch the video, “Marks of Identity”. Out of all of the mini-episodes you watched, which one was the most different? Could you identify with any of the practices shown or were they too extreme for you? Do you know someone whose personal choices and how they choose to mark their body makes them an outcast? Explain your reaction to the video and answer the questions thoroughly.

Directly and completely answer the question50%Respond to two or more posts explaining the reason for your agreement or disagreement or why you think the post is important, and/or provide examples of the point(s) made.50%TOTAL100 %

Your Initial Post to Discussion: 100 words minimum

Reply to Classmate 1: 100 words minimum

That video was a little hard to watch. I couldn’t imagine going through the pain that some people go through to mark or modify their bodies. The one I felt was most extreme was the neck coils and also getting third degree burns to mark your body. I felt like those two things where very extreme. I could not believe the damage they were doing to their bodies by pushing their shoulders down and squishing their ribs together. Also, the people that mark their bodies with third degree burns, that is insane. They can catch infections and die or lose the part of the body. Most things in this video were a little extreme. The only thing I can relate to is people with tattoos. I personally do not have any because I am terrified of needles but some people look really good with them and get meaningful designs as well. I have many friends that have tattoos on their bodies and they definitely look like an outcast but their personality is like anyone else’s. I do not judge the book by its cover. To end this, my reaction to this video is that I was chocked.

Reply to Classmate 2: 100 words minimum

The most different in my opinion was the Paduang tradition because it’s the most foreign. The process of the brass collar seems very harsh; considering the fact that it would leave bruises on the neck of the females.I don’t know anyone that has strange markings on their bodies to the point it makes them an outcast. I was very shocked when I saw this video because it showed how far people are willing to go express themselves or to be attractive.For instance, in the paduang tradion video, the narrator stated that women put the rings around their neck because it is their tradition and to attract the men in the tribe.

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