Freedom of discrimination, assignment help (5 pages, APA)

i need 5 pages on gender discrimination in the workplace, by following the steps that am going to attach. 

should be APA Style and abstract needed. also need center question that you going to answer in the whole essay, it spouse to be a question that related to gender discrimination in the workplace only (one) question, but it has to be vary argumentative question so you can talk about it in the whole paper,  this is my midterm paper and and its connected with the final so in the final am going to add also 5 to 6 pages in addition to this one. so i need the same person that am going to pick to continue the other pages later on. on the paper i need you to highlight the recommendation that support your argument about the question you have addressed.

i need the paper looks too easy, by using simple words.  NO PLAGIARISM    

thank you       


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