Framework of Strategies for IHRM Functions

            *******Talent Acquisition and Retention Programs*******

              *********************Portfolio Milestone************************

For the Module 1 Milestone, create an overall strategy for an international talent acquisition program that includes a retention component. Include a framework for creating a workforce development and training program to apply in the international HR sector. While you are not required to create a detailed plan for each major component, you are required to develop insight, direction, and strategies that can be used to create the talent acquisition and workforce development programs.

*****************************Final Portfolio Project Instructions***********************

Framework of Strategies for IHRM Functions

The Portfolio Project for this course will challenge you to create a broad framework of strategies for an international human resources function. In this final module, you will complete your last strategy and then compile all of your strategies to create a broad framework for developing an international human resources functional strategy process.

Strategy 8: Alignment of HR and Strategic Business Units

Develop a working framework to guide an HR function to better align itself with the strategic business units of an organization. Further, use the same framework guide to develop a human capital profit process (developing, nurturing, and rewarding people) to aid the organization’s bottom line and to better align the human resources function with other strategic business units.

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