For this assignment, you will be completing a self-assessment of your current needs – are things that you are neglecting?

Abraham Maslow suggested that our behaviors and motivations can be explained by our status of needs – if we are lacking in certain areas, we will consciously and unconsciously focus our energies into satisfying those needs. Every now and then, it is good practice to take an inventory of your own “hierarchy” and ensure that you are engaging in activities that meet your needs and encourage overall health and well-being. 

For this assignment, you will be completing a self-assessment of your current needs – are things that you are neglecting? Are there aspects of your life that are being fulfilled? This will only be reviewed by you and your professor so feel free to be honest and open about where you are at right now. This could be an opportunity to make some positive changes if you find that you need a little assistance or boost in any area.


To successfully complete the assessment, address the following:

  1. You will use the Hierarchy of Needs Self-Assessment Log.
  2. Simply open the file, evaluate each of the hierarchy categories and document the needs being or not being met.
    • Really try and take a moment to consider all the needs within the category; for example, you may be in a small argument with your friend, but not realizing how much it is impacting you until you stop and think about it.
  3. Then consider the different action steps you can take to remedy and meet your needs and document the steps you can take within your control.  Include how these steps may meet your needs in a separate page with your log.  Include references to back up how the Hierarchy of Needs is useful today – or maybe you don’t find it useful…Can a person be in more than one step at a time?

Summary -2019

Summary Essay: This assignment includes two parts: reading an article, writing a summary.

See Chapter 18 in Evergreen for more information on writing a summary.

Basic Expectations: 1. Read and annotate article

2. Essay – Minimum 2 pages double-spaced, maximum 3 pages, 11pt. Times New Roman

3. Complete self-graded portion of rubric; total the points for both the essay and timeline

Topic: The article in Evergreen page 597-598 by Leonard Pitts “A Risk-Free Life”

Audience: Your instructor and your class peers, others of your choosing

Genre: Reading: Newspaper article

Writing: Summary

Format: MLA or APA format –whichever one you are most familiar. See pages 283-286 in Evergreen for a quick reference to both styles.

(ex. APA/MLA) Example in-text MLA: (Pitts 597).

Example in-text APA: (Pitts, 2002)

Action: Take notes while you read the article – annotating your questions, main ideas, vocabulary questions, author’s purpose or argument.

Just for fun: this video shows you a quick way to identify the main points of a story using the “Somebody Wanted But So Then” strategy.


1. Essay description and details: For this essay, you will write to your audience using a formal tone about the article assigned. Be careful not to add your opinions about the topic, just summarize the article. In other words, the reader will know the article and its primary purpose without having to read it.

  1. Your writing style:
    1. Write with a formal style and tone — like you would perform an academic report to your classmates. Be sure it is organized and easy for the reader to follow. Read it aloud to test this out! Better yet, read it aloud to someone else and get a peer review.
  2. Include all the things we have learned so far:
    1. Title
    2. Intro, Conclusion, Title
    3. Summary, Quotes, Plagiarism
    4. Subject/Verb agreement, Sentence Structure, Commas
  3. MLA or APA Format
    1. Include in-text citations for every reference to information from the article
    2. Include a works cited (MLA) or reference page (APA)

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