For this assignment, choose an organization that you are interested in and describe the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) that exist for that organization.

is assignment, 1–2 pages:

For this assignment, choose an organization that you are interested in and describe the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) that exist for that organization.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course. You should include in your references at least two resources included in this week’s Resources and at least one outside scholarly resource.

YORK COUNTY TRUANCY PREVENTION INITIATIVE Strategic Plan 2013 -2015 Vision Statement Al l York County students who are subject to compulsory attendance requirements attend school every day Mission Statement Reduce Truancy in York County United Way of York County’s Core Values Integrity Our relationships with each other and the greater community are based on honesty and respect, as we conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards. Our work is guided by our organization’s stated mission and values. Accountability We are prudent s tewards of United Way of York County’s resources, responsible to our donors, member organizations and community. Our financial and outcome reporting meet or exceed operational and governance standards and enhance transparency to the donors and communities we serve. Operational Excellence Our high standards of performance and commitment to continuous improvement enable us to provide effective, efficient, and quality services. Inclusiveness We value difference and strive for inclusion. We act in ways tha t respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person. Collaboration Within United Way of York County, we work as a team for the good of the organization and the community. We partner with other organizations and individuals to leverage our talents and resources for greater community impact. Making a Difference We mobilize the community to improve people’s lives. We make a positive and lasting impact in our community. Guiding Principles The work of the Truancy Prevention Initiative will be guided by the following principles/beliefs: 1. Truancy is multi -faceted and is a result of numerous factors. 2. Reducing truancy in York County requires a collaborative effort between a number of countywide entities to help them identify and promote be st practices . 3. The work of the Truancy Prevention Initiative is to facilitate communication and partnerships between countywide entities. 4. Rather than implement programs, the role of the Truancy Prevention Initiative is to provide technical assistance and consultation to determine and encourage the implementation of appropriate evidence -based truancy prevention and intervention programs for York County . 5. To continue to serve the future needs of the community, the Truancy Prevention Initiative must actively seek out opportunities for sustainability. 6. The Truancy Prevention Initiative must continue to focus its resources on public advocacy efforts. Framework Reduce truancy in York County by collecting and analyzing countywide data to: 1. Demonstrate the imp act of truancy on the community; 2. Illustrate the impact of truancy prevention programs on truancy rates; 3. Focus education and outreach efforts that i nform communication and enhance connections among stakeholder groups; 4. Facilitate technical assistance effo rts to stakeholders; 5. Pursue funding opportunities for TPI’s sustainability ; and 6. Advocate for policy changes. Strategic Imperatives, Goals, Objectives Consistent and relevant data Goal #1 Collaborate with key stakeholders to collect and analyze data that gauges the truancy climate in York County. Objective #1.1 Examine current data collected and determine ways to incorporate improvements Objective #1.2 Assess and analyze the current status of truancy in York County. This includes, but is not limited to , the collection and analysis of the following data:  Citations against families  MDJ Fining structures  Service Provider data (Program Development / Support)  School District truancy rates  County truancy rates  Dropout / Graduation rates Objective #1.3 Evaluate how other stakeholders’ truancy data might better inform or improve the truancy “picture” Objective #1.4 Develop a partnership structure that facilitate s shared data collection and analysis to answer the following:  How do we structure collection of data in a consistent way?  What do we need to make the collection of data consistent?  How do we collect the data?  How do we analyze data collected? Goal #2 Use data as a means to examine program effectiveness, build par tnerships, and develop future plans. Objective #2.1 Collect data on the status and progress of truancy intervention programs in York County Objective #2.2 Share the data with stakeholders Objective # 2.3 Prepare year -end data report s to share with the larger York County community , stakeholders , and potential funders. Education and Outreach Goal #3 Focus education and outreach efforts on enhancing connections among stakeholders Objective # 3.1 Share information on current partners hips and programs in the County 4 Objective # 3.2 Establish a clearinghouse of countywide truancy prevention and intervention programs Objective #3.3 Make existing partnership and program info rmation available to stakeholders considering truancy preven tion and intervention programs Technical Assistance Goal #4 Facilitate technical assistance efforts to stakeholders Objective # 4.1 Work with stakeholders to determine what areas of technical assistance are needed. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to:  School districts / Local Education Agencies  Magisterial District Judges  Parents  Legal professionals  M edical professionals  Service and program providers  Government agencies Objective #4.2 Incorporate truancy in the current plans Local Education Agencies create for students, both school -wide and district -wide Objective #4.3 Contact other providers who current ly provide technical assistance and training to determine best strategies to incorp orate truancy education Objective # 4.4 Enhance the use of technology to reach a broader audience in a more time efficient manner, with capability to assist on demand via the websit e Objective #4.5 Follow -up with the technical assistance requests to track progress in connections made Sustainability Goal #5 Pursue funding opport unities for TPI’s sustainability, focusing particularly on three main sources for support: school districts, businesses and government. Objective # 5.1 Develop a “Case for Support” for each of the three potential sources of funding Objective #5.2 Apply for funding from each of the three potential sources of funding on an annual basis. Objective #5.3 Explore fee -for -service options Objective #5.4 Seek opportunities for government and foundation funding opportunities Advocacy Goal # 6 Advocate for policy changes by illustrating the impact of truancy . Objective #6.1 Use data to improve state leadership knowledge on the impact of truancy Objective # 6.2 Use data to influence legislatives changes around truancy Objective #6.3 Remain active on the Statewide Truancy Workgroup

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