fix and complet research paper

I have five pages that I done for research be fore and now I need you to fix the 4 mistake written on the first page and write five more pages about the same subject , so you will need to complete my work and I need five more resources. And I have attached a guide that you need to follow when you do the paper. There is a republican report card that you need to fill it in after you don’t with the research.

I have attached an example of the work for my friend you can see it.

my Question on the paper that I did the research on is , How has women rights and freedom been violated in the current American society under the ruling of president Donald Trump?

  • The Final Exam consists of the design and preparation of a Policy Brief (PB) on an issue related to the course. Students are advised to link their research to their majors or subject matters that fire them up. Build on the Mid-Term Research Paper( I have attached mine). Students are required to submit a minimum of ten (10) pages with references/sources. Books and Scholarly Publications must be used. Use the library resources. APA formatting must be used for the PB. It is advisable that you use your ABSTRACT for your talking points. Attendance is compulsory. Failing to attend the Final Exam, students will be given a sit-down supervised exam without any recourse to computers, IPADS or phones. A guide on how to prepare the research paper/policy brief will be discussed in class and circulated. On the day of the Final Exam, students will make a three (3) minutes presentation ,so for that I need outline .

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