Farm Health Plan

4 Pages.  Due in 12 hours.  My breed is  Black Angus

I will send you more if I find anything else going towards the disease prevention. I would suggest pasturing the entire 50 acres and just buy 4×5 round bales if the cattle needs hay during the winter.  Our cattle will mainly  be grass fed cattle we will have cover crop mixture for the cattle. The cattle will graze for profitability and weight gain: Warm-season cereal grains you might choose for grazing are sorghum sudan and pearl millet. Cool-season cereals, of course, include cereal rye, winter wheat, oats, barley, and triticale.
Black Angus Cow/Calf Pairs –  raise the heifer calves as replacement heifers (future cows).                                                   – cow has bull calf we will cut testicles make them steers.                                                  Raise the steers on grass and free choice mineral. This will cover the USE OF ANIMALS SECTION. (Market our own farm grass fed finished beef and sell straight from the farm). Usually hamburger grass fed price is about $7/lb. here. If we market a whole we will get $2,700 for our whole beef. 

Pasture Management & Rotation: (I would include a diagram showing each paddock drawn out for the paper). 
If you want me design one I can make up one for the paper. and layout of Grazing Systems.pdf

You will for sure need a sacrifice area in the winter:

WATER WILL BE MOVEABLE/PORTABLE IN EACH PADDOCK. (I would include the diagram in the paper to show how the water system will be setup inn the paddocks).

Mineral: We will use Ultralyx Hi Mag with IGR (37480) mineral that prevents horn flies/grass tetanus. The mineral will moved to each paddock when cattle is rotating to another field. (Fed Free choice).

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