Explain how you ensured alignment among your program plan and the institution’s mission, vision, and goals.

This course started with a discussion of alignment. In this last module before submitting your final project, you will return to a discussion of alignment of your program plan and the institution’s mission, vision, and goals.

In your initial post, be sure to do the following:

  • Explain how you ensured alignment among your program plan and the institution’s mission, vision, and goals.
  • Use specific examples to illustrate the alignment.
  • Identify the data sets you used to identify the opportunity for improvement that align with institution’s mission, vision, and goals.
  • Ask for feedback if you are unsure about the alignment of some part of your project plan.

discussion is below



Program and Mission Alignment

Student Name

Institutional Affiliation

Winthrop University aims at offering personalized challenging, graduate, and continuing professional education programs of national caliber. Doing a degree in communication sciences and disorder does not align to the university’s mission since the program is not offered at the university anymore. The program started its closure while I was still in school, which was an indication of its coming to extinction. The program in communication sciences and disorders is also not part of the long-term mission of the university of achieving national stature as a competitive and distinctive, co-educational, public, residential comprehensive, and value-oriented institution. The program has been closed, which is an implication of the failure to meet the required standards to provide competitive skills to its students. Communication sciences and disorders program does not meet the students’ needs of meeting the challenges of the contemporary world by offering them the ability to synthesize knowledge to solve complex challenges.

Winthrop University prides itself in offering value-based education, which has shaped the success of the university. Closing the program shows that it does not contribute to the overall mission of the university, which contradicts the provisions of the university, which means that the program does not contribute to the values of the university. Any program that does not contribute towards the achievement of the university’s mission should be scrapped off so that only those programs that have a bearing on the university mission are considered.

However, the university needs to evaluate the contribution of the course towards the overall mission of the university. A speech pathologist is concerned with treating speech disorders among people suffering from such problems. The university, on the other hand, is concerned with training people who can treat speech disorders in society. The university, therefore, is a bridge between the prevailing challenge in society and the possible solutions. As such, speech pathologist is an important program that the university should reestablish.


Website: https://www.winthrop.edu/

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