examine the role of leadership in leading change related to special education.

Disussion Question

Purpose: To examine the role of leadership in leading change related to special education.

For this Assignment you will take on the role of Team Leader informing a team or staff members about an issue related to change that is relevant to what is happening in your school, community, or district.

To prepare:

·         Review the videos in this module’s Learning Resources on managing change.

·         Review Walden’s mission and vision regarding social change.

·         Select a special education issue related to change relevant to your school, community, or district; you may also choose to focus on change related to an issue you are interested in within the field of special education.

Consider how you would present your idea for change to your team or staff, as well as the next steps needed to enact that change.

For a team or staff that informs them of the change that will take place and outlines the next steps in the process. Consider the essential elements of change leadership and managing change revealed in the three change models and include the following:

·         A description of the change to be addressed and rationale for why the change is needed (Compelling Case for Change)

·         The action team involved in the change

·         The next steps involved

Note: Remember to inspire and motivate your team and staff about the change and related success to come.

Examples of issues include: increases in caseloads, lack of access to the general education classrooms and curriculum for exceptional needs students, coteaching, inclusion, an appropriate and effective assessment for students with exceptionalities, or standards-based Individual Education Program’s (IEP). You are welcome to focus on one of these issues if you do not have a specific area of interest or issue you would like to tackle.

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