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Evidence dissemination is defined as an active method of spreading evidence-based interventions to a target audience via determined channels using planned strategies. This type of dissemination does not generally occur spontaneously or naturally and passive approaches to dissemination are usually ineffective. A comprehensive, multilevel approach is generally more effective than single-source prevention messages. Also, stakeholder involvement in the research or evaluation process is more likely to enhance the eventual dissemination of the evidence gathered (Penrod, 2013).

One internal method for the dissemination of a nurse-driven urinary catheter protocol is by presenting the protocol to the hospital’s Evidence Based Practice Council (EBPC). At the Malcolm Randall VAMC all new protocols must be presented to and evaluated by the EBPC prior to implementation. While this serves as a quality check for the new process it also helps to disseminate this new protocol throughout the VAs in the north Florida/south Georgia area because they all have active members on our EBPC. An external method for the dissemination of a nurse-driven urinary catheter protocol is by getting it published in a nursing journal. It is important to submit the protocol through both of these methods in order to get the biggest impact and reach the most practitioners. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) gives four tips for disseminate evidence: to individually tailor the message, target the message to specific audience segments, use narratives, and frame the message (AHRQ, 2012).

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