Ethical, Legal And Financial Implications With Respect To Using Drones In Telemedicine?

  • Urgent with in  3hours
  • in 2 pages
  • UAVs or Drones have generated great interest in recent years due to their industrial, commercial, and recreational potential. Discuss the ethical, legal and financial implications with respect to using drones in telemedicine?
  • Support your writings by at least 2 references (APA style)
  • You must submit your answer as Word file using the attached cover page on your submission.
  • Proper formatting, correct referencing and cover page will carry a mark

Grading Criteria:

Grading will be based on the depth and accuracy of your answer. The following points will be used to assess this assignment. Please familiarize yourself with it and do not hesitate to refer back to it before, during, and after composing your answer.

  1. Quality of the Content
  2. Knowledge
  3. Depth of Analysis
  4. Style and Organization
  5. Provided the required writing style (Essay, Report etc.)Plus the layout is organize, the file name include the student name and Student ID (Metadata).
  6. Referencing
  7. Spelling/grammar

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