Ethical behavior on social media, Response help (150 words each)

     1 response 150 words only

My brand that I practice personally and professionally is ethical behavior on social media.  As a student of Hondros, I have read in the Student’s Handbook about how to responsible for my actions on social media. In the student catalog it states that “social media outlets are not private communication and should be part of the public domain” (Hondros Student Catalog January 2016) It suggest that as students we should act professional at all times. I agree with this. I practice this by being professional on my facebook page. I also monitor my friends conduct and what I allow to be posted on my page. I know that employers and schools are allowed to use this for  use to evaluate me and my behaviors. I do not engage in politics and try to keep my personal opinions to myself. Social media is not and outlet for freedom of speech. Your actions and words can come back to haunt you. I do not comment on conflict or debatable things. I remain professional on my facebook wall. I am comfortable with any employer or school that would like to view my facebook page.

     Another quality that I carry is to be presentable as if I am always ready for an interview. My hair is neat and short, off the shoulders. My nails are clean and short. My uniform is clean and pressed. My earrings are appropriate size. I am prepared with the things that I need to work. I think that this shows professionalism and it is a great representation for Hondros School. When I am not on campus I know that I am representing the school as a student. I want to be prepared for whatever task that I need to perform. I do not complain and I am always eager to help. My motto is to always work as if a camera is watching me. I have always went by this motto and I have had many accomplishments along the way. My integrity has never been questioned. The vast majority of students abide by the high ethical standards of honesty, respectfulness, and other conduct consistent with maintaining their own integrity and that of their chosen profession. (Purtilo, R. B. & Doherty, R. F. (2011)

2nd Response (150 words only)

  This week’s reading focuses on dilemmas about ethical principles that are common in the workplace. Such dilemmas can also present themselves at schools and communities. As adults we are faced with ethical dilemmas all the time and our success and personal brand is based on how we solve such dilemmas. Personal brand is the way we present ourselves as individuals to the rest of the world. If I were to pick two of the best qualities of my personal brand they will be honesty and reliability.  Reliability plays a big factor when completing school projects and homework. Reliability is a quality that employers look for. As a nurse I am in charge of the care of my patients. My patients rely on me to care for them. Being reliable also means that if you are schedule to work then, you must show up to work on time, no calling off and of course help others when needed. The same concept applies to school, as a student you must show up on time and in uniform for class, clinical and lab.

  Honesty is another quality of my personal brand that I will like to discuss. As nurses we must provide care that is based in honesty. When reading the book Ethical Dimensions the story of Matt Weddle reflects how honesty is very important in the healthcare field, it also explains how dishonesty can lead to legal actions and harm someone’s reputation. Patients rely on us to provide honest care as nurses we are the patient’s advocate. Patients put all their trust in our hands when they allow us to care for them if we are dishonest we are breaking their trust. Dishonesty can have severe consequences and can lead to disciplinary action. In the school setting honesty plays an even bigger role, as students we must follow rules and adhere to the policies of our schools. Honesty means that you as a student will do your own school work. According to Purtilo & Doherty there is no better investment than taking care of yourself by keeping your conscience clear (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011).

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