Essay from two articles, homework help

Write a 4-5 page paper that summarizes main points of the assigned articles for the topic you select, providing a detailed look at how archaeologists study this topic. Make sure to answer the additional questions (below) for the topic that you select.

Assignment: Most contemporary human societies rely on domesticated plants and animals (crops, animal food sources and other animal products). In fact, domestication and our changing relationship with many plants and animals has had a major impact on the evolution of human societies. Use the assigned articles (below) to describe general trends in the ways that archaeologists learn about the topic of prehistoric plant and animal domestication, its causes, and its impact on human societies. Be sure to discuss the ways these articles define domestication. Describe and contrast the reasons that humans domesticated plants and animals, according to these articles. What evidence (if any) do the authors of these articles present in order to support their ideas? (no quote needed)

Assigned articles:

 Diamond, J. 2002. Evolution, consequences, and future of plant and animal domestication. Nature Vol. 418, Pp. 700-707.

 Hayden, B. 2003. Were luxury foods the first domesticates? Ethnoarchaeological perspectives from Southeast Asia. World Archaeology Vol 34, no. 3, Pp. 458-469.

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