ESE 691 W6 Behavior Management in the Classroom D1

As a teacher, it is your job to reach out to parents who are not as communicative as other parents. Read the following scenario and respond to the prompt below.

Frank Smith, a student in your seventh grade English class, has been creating quite a stir in your class lately. This is not his typical behavior. Usually he come into class, sits down, and starts his warm-up, but recently he’s been walking in five minutes late without a pass, bothering students on the way to his desk, and submitting incomplete work. You’ve asked him if there is anything he wants to talk about or if there is anything going on at home, to which he always replies, “Nope.” You have tried calling his mother several times and giving notes to Frank to take home, but she has not returned any of your messages. As Frank’s teacher, what is your next step to try to develop a parent/teacher relationship?

Use the following resources to help you decide the next step in reaching out to Frank’s mother.

  1. School, family and community partnerships
  2. Family Involvement and PBIS
  3. Creating home-school partnerships by engaging families in schoolwide positive behavior supports

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