ENGR100W Memo of Introduction


Memo of Introduction


You have chosen a degree in Engineering, which requires effective written and oral

communication. Why did you choose this field? What is it about the field that appeals to

you? What experiences have you had with your chosen subject matter—either learning

about it or working within the field? How did that affect your decision? What do you

plan to do with this knowledge after you graduate?


Since Engineering requires a great deal of writing, include information about your

writing skills. Are there areas of weakness that concern you? Strengths?

Oral Communication

The field of engineering also requires effective communication skills. Think about your

strengths and weaknesses and explain them.

You need not address these questions/issues in the order presented. Rather, select an

organizational structure that appears most logical to you. Also, somewhere in your

memo include a detailed description of your field and what it entails.


Your audience for this essay will be prospective

Engineering majors. Your writing purpose will be to tell them about why you made this

decision and to help them understand the field you have chosen.


Select language of an academic and scholarly nature—not informal

or conversational.


It is expected that memo will approximately 1 ½–2 pages.


Memo must adhere to APA memo format. See rubric below.

Brainstorm below before beginning to write your memo.


(1) Correct Memo Format 1

New Times Roman 12 pt

Single Space


(1) Subject Line

: Gives complete subject being discussed in memo

(1) Purpose

: 2-3 sentences with strong verb: The purpose of this memo is to…(select

verb carefully)analyze? explain? research? discuss? Check the prompt for clues as

to your purpose for writing this memo; there can be two purposes: research and


(1) Summary

: 4-6 sentences. This is not an introduction to your topic. It is a

summary of how you have set up your memo, what information you have

included, and any recommendations you make.

(1) Discussion

: An intro paragraph, which gives a brief background of the topic.

Paragraph includes a focus, thesis or argument.

(1) Headings

: Bold. Gives


information indicated in the focus, thesis

or argument.

Sub Headings

: Italics no bold. Gives sub information about heading.

(1) Conclusion

: A satisfying conclusion, often giving a recommendation. This is not

a “letter” ending—asking for further communication. The conclusion refers back to

the memo contents.

(1) Adequate development:

1 1/2 full to 2 pages (not counting visuals) of thoughtful

research, critical analysis.

(1) Sentence format


Correct sentence structure (no run ons/fragments)

Correct comma usage in sentence structure and grammatical elements

Subject/Predicate clarity Verb tense

(1) Language usage


Pronoun agreement

Misuse of Pronouns “our” or “we” instead of precise Noun: ex: “Engineers”


Eliminate Wordy sentences/conciseness, word choice & clarit

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